The Duomo

BOLSENA:   Ancient town, the Etruscan "Volsinii",  still retains its medieval narrow streets leading up to the castle. Wander through the narrow streets of this medieval town and visit its castle, museum, basilica and churches or shop in the local market on Tuesday. The lake of Bolsena is the largest volcanic lake in Europe providing a wealth of recreational opportunities for all age groups from swimming, sailing, fishing and water skiing. It has very clean water, coming out from natural springs.

Between Two Cities

ORVIETO: Orvietto – acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage site - is a 15 minutes drive away. The city is home to quaint coffee shops, historical alleyways and one of the most important examples of Gothic architecture in Italy called the ‘Duomo di Orvieto’, dating back to the 14th century. Named as a world heritage site by UNESCO the city should not be missed. Orvieto was built on a tablelike tufo rock. The Duomo,  the crown of the city which is seen from all around, is covered in golden mosaics and carvings that make it shine from the distance in the sunset. Orvieto has a plenty of museums and galleries, a theatre, wine bars and restaurants. The cool evenings are the perfect time for taking a walk along the Corso - the central shopping street. On Saturday and Thursday there is a large morning market selling cheeses, meats, salad and vegetables picked fresh from gardens and allotments earlier that morning. Each year, at the new year beginning  Orvieto held a  Jazz Festival

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