The swimming pool

Summer in Italy is full of sunshine, so the swimming pool is the perfect place  to enjoy the sun and to get some sun tan.

The swimming pool (6mX12m) is open from May to September. It is located on the hill behind the house, overlooking the green landscape.

The pool is surrounded by a wide paved surface that allows you to get sun-tanned while enjoying the delicacies from the BBQ area which is situated nearby.


The swallows enjoy  the pool’s clear fresh water, while you can enjoy the strawberries that grow around the pool.

At  the evening it is very nice to sit around the pool, enjoying  the fresh air, having small talk over a cold beer or a glass of wine.

The green hill covered with spices like rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender attracts butterflies and chefs...

The other face of the pool, in the autumn and winter


The barbecue,  built  by the owner, is placed next to the swimming pool, surrounded by sweet smelling roses.

You can use either wood or charcoal that  you can buy at the grocery store  in the village or  at  the supermarket in Orvieto Scalo.

"Bistecca alla fiorentina"