Casa BonaDea

Located among the sensuous, rolling, green hills of Umbria, in a clear-air and industry-free area, lies Casa BonaDea - a recently extended and renovated country house. Casa BonaDea is composed of two fully equipped units: the “Dragon” traditional unit and the “Terra” modern unit. The traditional building ensures cool walls on hot days and a warm and cosy shelter during the winter.

It is  the ideal place for spending a summer vacation, Christmas and Easter holidays, or just a long weekend during the year, when ever you want to take a timeout  and stay away from the daily routine.

During the hot season the private pool, located on top of a hill, provides a cool break and stunning views. Fruit trees around the pool provide apples, pears and prunes, strawberries and grapes also grow naturally here. The pool patio is perfect for watching the sunset or enjoying a hearty dinner with family and friends.

Casa BonaDea is situated in the skirt of the small village Torre S. Severo in Umbria, between Tuscany and Lazio. In the village you can find a grocery store where you can buy the essentials, a small bar for the morning cafe, a hairdresser.

About 20 minutes driving you arrive to Orvieto, where you will find supermarkets, “pasta fresca” shops and a variety of other shops. 10 minutes driving take you to Bolsena, where in the main piazza you can find a bakery that produce a gorgeous “pane a cereale” (a local variety of seeds bread) .

Within 25 minutes you arrive to the motorway.


Loc. Caccavelle 12

Torre S. Severo

Orvieto 05018

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Welcome to Casa BonaDea
an ideal vacation home in Umbria